Because of the spread of coronavirus and the uncertainties as for the health situation in France, Paris Half-Marathon is officially cancelled. The organization in charge of the event expects runners in 2021.

Paris Half-Marathon is cancelled.  With the novel coronavirus epidemic currently spreading across the world, and now France, the question is relevant. The verdict had been handed down on August 12, 2020: Amaury Sport Organisation, the event organizing committee announced Paris half-marathon is cancelled, as it was initially postponed to October 18, 2020.

Of course, the cancellation of Paris Half Marathon 2020 comes as the health situation is once again worsening. First postponed to September 6, this is the second delay due to coronavirus. Of course, ASO expects athletes in 2021 for a new edition.

All in all, 44,000 runners were expected this Sunday morning in front of the Gare d’Austerlitz railway station for the start of the race. Until then, organizers have decided not to cancel the race, making sure they will remain thorough. The ASO claimed they will remain “attentive to any recommendations that may be made by the health authorities”, yet without giving details as for concrete actions they intend to lead to sustain the event.



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