Commitment to precautionary measures part of national responsibility: Northern Governor

Manama, Feb. 15 (BNA): Northern Governor, Ali bin Al-Shaikh Abdulhussain Al-Asfoor, has stressed that the national responsibility requires commitment to the directives to ban gatherings at various places, as well as compliance with the precautionary and preventive health measures to avoid contracting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


The governor called on Maatams (community centres) to implement the statement of the Jaafari Endowments regarding the holding of religious events during the month of Rajab remotely, and the need to adhere to the precautionary measures, praying to Allah the Almighty to protect Bahrain and its people, and to bless them with ever-lasting security.


It is to be noted that the Jaafari Endowments Administration has recently called on all places of worship to fully comply with all precautionary measures in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, particularly with the advent of the month of Rajab.  


In its statement, the Jaafari Endowment highlighted the importance of protecting all members of society, particularly the elderly, by observing the various ceremonies associated with this month remotely via live broadcast.


It added that the global spread of COVID-19 and the recent increase in active cases warrants greater responsibility and a renewed commitment to precautionary measures set out by the National Medical Taskforce, citing the recommendations issued by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and the temporary suspension of prayers at mosques in order to mitigate the spread of the virus.

The Jaafari Endowments emphasised that these ceremonies will be observed in places of worship allocated for men, through live broadcasting without in-person attendance.


The Jaafari endowments emphasised the importance of community cooperation by continuing to adhere to the following measures:


- The ceremony is limited to live broadcasting, provided that no more than 5 people will be present at the ceremony, including technical and administrative teams organising the live broadcasting and excluding elderly individuals or individuals that suffer from chronic diseases.


- The Jaafari Endowments also calls on administrative staff in places of worship to adhere to wearing face masks, leaving a distance of two meters between each other, not to distribute meals and foods, and to follow all the precautionary measures recommended by the National Medical Taskforce, and prevent gatherings of all forms.


 The Jaafari Endowments called upon everyone to cooperate and adhere to all official instructions and directives to overcome these exceptional circumstances, reiterating that everyone is required to assume social responsibility and protect themselves, their families and the entire community by adhering to all COVID-19 precautionary measures.




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