Cinema industry in Saudi Arabia expands to meet increasing demand

The cinema industry in Saudi Arabia is prospering in line with life being back to normal. People love watching movies on the big screen, and since entertainment is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the sector has been witnessing a tremendous growth on a steady basis.

With the increase in demand for movie tickets nation-wide, cinema operators in the Kingdom are seeking to expand significantly in establishing movie theaters all over the country, in major cities as well as rural ones.

In the past three years, 11 cinema operators, 9 of which are international chains, have been licensed to operate the ever increasing number of movie theaters across the Kingdom.

To date, over 34 cinemas in 12 cities are operating at full capacity, with a total number of 342 screens and over 35,000 seats.

Even though the regular viewer has the availability of at-home streaming channels, watching a movie on the big screen just has a different flavor.

The integrated entertainment experience serves as a superior advantage; with premium visual resolution, outstanding sound clarity, and lavish surroundings.

Tech-savvy Saudi moviegoers are always on the look-out for the latest technology used in cinemas.

This raises the quality of construction and fittings of cinemas to a higher level in order to reach the aspirations of viewers.

As part of its mission, the well-renowned Saudi Construction and Fitout Company, Construction and Planning Co. Ltd (C&P®) which has been assigned to build a series of AMC Cinemas across Saudi Arabia, applies its signature high quality standards they are known for into building premium cinemas that enhance the movie-watching experience.

A notable part of that lies in implementing the state-of-the-art Prime experience AMC Cinemas has to offer, which is a feature that combines stunning visuals and excellent acoustics in the comfort of plush recliner spacious seatings. — SG




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