Cabinet stresses need to comply with coronavirus precautionary measures

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia is dealing with the coronavirus crisis with all transparency and clarity, the Council of Ministers stressed in a virtual session on Tuesday, Saudi Press Agency reported.

Lauding the firm preemptive measures undertaken by the authorities, the Cabinet said that the move aims to minimize socialization by 90 percent that helps prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Council underlined the need for all individuals in the society to comply with the precautionary measures and guidelines, discern and shoulder the responsibility to enable the competent authorities in preventing the spread of infections in the Kingdom in the coming days.

They should deal with the pandemic with seriousness and stand with all firmness and determination to stop its spread.Meanwhile, the Council approved the Kingdom’s joining the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation.

It also approved the Commercial Courts System, the Rights Guarantees System for transferred assets, and amendment of the Commercial Mortgage System.In another signification move, the Cabinet approved exempting small enterprises, which employ at least nine workers, including the business owner from paying workers' fees under certain conditions.


The exemption will apply to two expats in the enterprise, if the business owner is registered in the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI). The exemption will also apply to four expats if one of the workers at the enterprise and its business owner are Saudi citizens and are registered with the GOSI. The decision will be valid for three years, and will apply to four expats maximum in all cases.



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