BTEA announces the leasing of two plots in Bahrain Bay Beach project

BTEA has announced the leasing of two plots out of five included in the Bahrain Bay Beach project, which is one of the authority's key strategic tourism projects in terms of developing the Kingdom's tourism infrastructure.

The two plots will include private beaches which will be developed respectively by Wyndham Hotel (9,137sqm), and Solymar (9,045sqm). These projects will contain a variety of tourist services and facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, and cafes, as well as recreational facilities.

On this occasion, BTEA organized a signing ceremony in the presence, and the two agreements were signed by BTEA’s CEO, Dr. Nasser Qaedi, with Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Al Qaed, representing Wyndham Hotel, and Mr. Kyriakos Zarkadas, representing Solymar.

BTEA stated that it will shortly offer a third plot for the Bahrain Bay Beach project through the tender Board, in order to provide an opportunity for companies interested in investing in the project and within the strategy of BTEA to boost Bahrain's tourism sector in collaboration with the private sector.

The Bahrain Bay Beach, which covers more than 170,000sqm, will stretch from the northern coast of Bahrain Bay to the south of Al Saya, with a 600-meter-long coastline.  The project is made up of five main allotments – a 200m public beach which will open at the end of this year, to be developed by BTEA, accounting for 28% of the overall area of the project. This is in addition to a zone for public facilities and 425 public parking spaces.

The signing of these two leasing agreements, according to Dr. Nasser Qaedi, CEO of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority, marks the beginning of the development of two plots of the Bahrain Bay Beach project, which account for 40% of the project's waterfront extension, while the authority continues to develop the public coast that includes green areas, gardens, playgrounds, and places designed for walking and exercising.

"Today we have reached a major milestone in the implementation of this ambitious tourism project, which will be a valuable contribution to Bahrain's overall tourism sector. BTEA is keen to increase its collaborations with the private sector to develop tourism projects that contribute to the development of the national economy." Dr. Qaedi said.

Dr. Qaedi affirmed that the presence of more quality tourism sector facilities assists BTEA in achieving the ambitious goals of the Kingdom of Bahrain's tourism strategy 2022-2026. He also highlighted BTEA’s eagerness to complete quality projects that support the tourism sector, such as "Bahrain Exhibition World" and the waterfronts in Galali, Diving cost, Gulf of Bahrain, and others, in addition to providing the sector with trained competencies by activating the role of International Hospitality School of Vatel Bahrain. 

 “The authority supports all tourism investors in the Kingdom of Bahrain, provides them with different required facilities, and assists them in licensing, establishing, and operating tourism projects as efficiently as possible so that Bahrain becomes a centre of tourist attraction throughout the year.” Dr. Qaedi concluded.




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