BeAware app limiting spread of Covid-19

LIMITING the spread of Covid-19 and ensuring public safety are some of the highlighted benefits of Bahrain’s ‘BeAware’ mobile application.

In a short video released yesterday, the Health Ministry explains the app’s contribution in limiting the spread of the coronavirus in Bahrain, along with the contact tracing procedure.

The four-minute video also features citizens and residents speaking on their experiences with the application.

“The best word to describe this application is protection,” said a Bahraini man.

“It truly made us know whether we are infected or not, through the app,” said another Bahraini woman.

Others shared their experience of receiving an alert on the app on precautionary measures and self-isolation procedures.

“It saves me and my family from getting infected,” said a Bahraini man, while another explained how people can get early diagnosis via the app.

“Imagine if one of us has downloaded the app and the other hasn’t,” said the man.

“When we both go to a place and contact a positive case, the one with the app will be faster to act.”

The app also provides global, regional and local statistics, along with recovery rates, new developments in the field and official information.

The GDN reported last month that data secured through the app is secure and confidential, as assured by Information and eGovernment Authority chief executive Mohammed Al Qaed.

The app can be downloaded from the Health Ministry’s social media platforms.




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