BeAware app being updated to ‘digital wallet’

THE BeAware Bahrain app is to receive a really-useful facelift turning it into a ‘digital wallet’ - a ‘go to’ mobile application containing electronic copies of important personal documents.

The update, which is to be launched in the latter half of this year, was unveiled by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) yesterday.

The announcement was made at an iGA Press conference titled ‘Achievements of the Digital Transformation Programme 2022,’ held at the authority’s Muharraq headquarters.

Aimed at making life more convenient for citizens and residents, the Covid-19 patient tracking application-turned-digital wallet is just one among a roster of services planned for 2023.

The all-in-one app will contain e-copies of a CPR, passport, birth certificate and driver’s license, along with car ownership documents, which will be officially recognised ‘everywhere’ in place of paper copies.

“Official bodies are now obliged to accept e-documents,” Mr Al Qaed said. “The documents can be validated through QR codes that come with each copy.

“Should the e-documents not be accepted, that falls on the organisation or individual in charge of the decision and they will be held accountable.”

The new version of the application will also offer reminders of medical appointments at health centres, government hospitals and Covid-19 related doctor’s visits.

Although some of the repurposed app’s new features will overlap with Sehati, a medical application for government healthcare, officials said that Sehati remains a distinct, crucial service.

“BeAware will display appointments and serves as an added reminder for users,” Mr Al Qaed told the GDN. “It will be useful for recurrent matters and common appointments.

“Sehati covers health and hospital e-services, where one can make appointments and make use of other more specific, in-depth services.”

BeAware was originally launched in 2020 to monitor Covid-19 patients who were quarantined at home to combat the spread of the disease.

During the worldwide pandemic, the award-winning platform was crucial in tracing individuals who have come into contact with an active Covid-19 case.

It later became vital for all citizens and residents of Bahrain, as it displayed vaccination certificates which were for some time a requirement for entry into most public spaces and travel abroad.

It also provided users with Covid-19 infection and recovery certificates, spread awareness and updates about the disease, and allowed the Health Ministry to maintain accurate contact tracing data.

It was launched by the iGA in co-operation with the Supreme Council for Health and the Health Ministry.

“Following deliberations, the updated version was approved and the minister directed a follow-up on the regulative and legal mechanisms to accept and use e-documents by government and private organisations,” said an official statement.




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