BDA Center laBDA Center launches first digital medical platform in Bahrain

MANAMA — BDA Center launched the first medical digital platform in Bahrain, providing physicians with the opportunity to maintain training and develop themselves and their skills from a distance. The aim of this digital platform, is to enhance their knowledge of how to deal with patients and employee in hospitals, clinics and health centers, in light of the precautionary procedures used to tackle corona pandemic and maintaining social distancing.

This platform was supported by a digital medical library containing scientific references in various specialties such as dentistry, dermatology, plastic surgery, infection control, and others. This is considered the first step on the path to expanding in various medical specialties, and the center has provided this library with visual lectures in containing lectures from fifty consultants and doctors from the Arab world, Europe, USA and India.

The launch of this platform was announced recently through a remote event, during which a prominent British doctor was hosted, and spoke about ways to tackle coronavirus and more than 800 doctors and concerned audience from Bahrain, the region and the world participated in this event.

The BDA Center CEO Dr. Ahmed Shahda stated that both the platform and the library are a Bahraini initiative to assist doctors to develop their knowledge and skills, pointing out the importance of this initiative at this crucial time in light of the current coronavirus outbreak.

“BDA Center is ready to serve any sector or any government agency in using the platform and library free of charge, especially in the field of activating e-learning, as this comes within the framework of the center’s commitment to its national responsibility towards supporting the progress of Bahrain,” Dr. Shahda added.

He said that the BDA Center, which is known for organizing many of the largest medical and health activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, will utilize this platform to provide medical health courses remotely, and registry will be opened for those courses, lectures or events.

“These lectures, events and workshops are recorded, especially the aspects that need practical explanation, and this will be done through the use of the latest digital and stereoscopic cameras for filming, so that they can be followed directly or watched on the platform in a way that ensures the provision of the most valuable benefit to doctors in Bahrain, the GCC and the world.” Dr. Shahda said . — SG




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