BCCI urges LMRA co-operation

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) chairman Sameer Nass yesterday hit out at the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) for breaking up with the chamber.

He expressed astonishment at the way LMRA is dealing with the chamber, the main representative of the private sector in the kingdom, accusing it of being above the law.

This came as he yesterday met representatives of local newspapers to review results of a study conducted by the BCCI on labour market challenges.

He said implementation of alternative recommendations for the flexi-work permit system according to the study will help solve 80 per cent of the illegal expatriate labour issue in the kingdom. “Recommendations could take five to 10 years to yield results,” he pointed out.

He stressed that the study included radical solutions to illegal expat workers and flexi-work permit. It urged to introduce certification of skills and qualifications for migrant workers as applied in other countries, namely the US, Germany and the UK.

The study recommended the introduction of a licence issuing system compelling businessmen to obtain the licence prior to the issuance of a commercial register. It also called on LMRA to consult with the private sector before issuing administrative rules as well as executive terms and conditions, draw up a national labour market plan to cope with existing and future economic conditions and conduct objective evaluation studies and periodical reviews for LMRA’s plans and activities every three years.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/872316


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