Bahrain’s national origin exports double to BD386m

Bahrain’s national origin exports doubled last month to BD386 million from BD190m in August 2020, shows the latest report from the Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA).

The top 10 trading partners accounted for 79pc of the value of national origin exports in August 2021 with the remaining 21pc claimed by other countries, says the report which also includes data on balance of trade, imports and re-exports.

Saudi Arabia ranked first among countries receiving Bahraini exports of national origin, importing BD77m worth of goods from Bahrain.

Meanwhile, the US was second with BD62m and Egypt third with BD53m.

Unwrought aluminum alloys emerged as the top product exported during the quarter with BD110m.

Agglomerated iron ores and concentrates were second with a value of BD108m and unwrought aluminum (not alloyed) was third with BD15m.

The report found that the value of re-exports increased by 31pc to BD58m during August 2021 when compared with BD44m for the same month last year, with the top 10 trading partners accounting for 86pc of the re-exported value.

The UAE was the leading market for re-exports from Bahrain accounting for a value of BD18m, followed by Saudi Arabia with BD12m and Hong Kong coming third with BD4m.

Four-wheel drive cars emerged as the top product re-exported from Bahrain with a value of BD9m, followed by gold ingots amounting to BD5.1m and parts for aircraft engines in third place with BD5m.

The report said the value of imports increased by 16pc to BD496m last month compared with BD378m for August 2020 with the top 10 trading partners accounting for 72pc of the imports value.


According to the report, Brazil was ranked as the top exporter to Bahrain with BD92m, followed by China with BD65m and the UAE in third place with BD33m.

Non-agglomerated iron ores and concentrates emerged as the top product imported into Bahrain with a value of BD105m while aluminium oxide was second at BD28m and parts for aircraft engines in third place with BD21m.

The trade balance, or the difference between exports and imports, amounted to a deficit of BD53m during August 2021, an improvement of 73pc compared with BD194m for the same month last year.




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