Bahrain's economy 'has ability to recover quickly after Covid-19'

Bahrain's economy has sufficient flexibility to overcome the repercussions of the coronavirus crisis and it will be able to recover quickly once the precautionary measures are eased, heard a forum.


Proact International Consultancy organised the "Economic Recovery" forum in Bahrain under the slogan "Post-Pandemic", which was held remotely through live broadcasting. 


A group of economists and businessmen discussed the path of post-corona recovery phase in the banking, health, nutrition, tourism, hotels, technology, communications and media sectors at the forum. 

The forum’s speakers also reviewed investment opportunities and methods to meet the challenges and encourage the innovation required by the next stage.


CEO of Proact International Consultancy and Secretary-General of the Forum, Dr Khaled Bomatia welcomed the forum participants, who reviewed the changes imposed by coronavirus and discussed how to overcome its consequences, especially in the most-affected sectors.


Businessman Khalid Al Amin said the Bahraini economy has sufficient flexibility to overcome the repercussions of the coronavirus crisis, expressing his belief that the economy will recover quickly once the precautionary measures are eased.


He pointed out that Bahrain’s openness and the integration of its economy with the other economies of the region and the world link the acceleration of this recovery to actions taken by other countries.

Journalist Ibrahim Al Tamimi said Covid-19 represents an opportunity to adopt new methods in the field of work, distance education, social communication, and others.


He said the pandemic had once again demonstrated the cohesion and solidarity of Bahraini society and noted that post-corona economic recovery is linked to a large extent to the time taken to eliminate or control the virus.


Dr Faisal Al-Nasser, head of the Home Health Care Center, emphasised that the epidemic had managed to change many concepts among people and governments, especially in health services.  

"Some of the variables that occurred impose new priorities and establish how different health services should be in the post-pandemic phase, and this necessarily reflects on the prospects and opportunities for investment in the health field," Dr Faisal added.


Moanis Al Murdi, Editor-in-Chief of the Bahraini newspaper Al-Bilad, said: "There is an optimistic view of the speed of the economic recovery post-corona.  Unfortunately, most of the economic forecasts say otherwise and we need to understand the effects of the economic downturn that will last for decades and we will see a change in the economic landscape.” – TradeArabia News Service




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