Bahrain tops GCC in employing citizens

Bahrain ranks first in GCC countries in employment of its citizens with Bahrainisation rates of 28.3 per cent compared with 71.7pc of expatriate workers, according to data issued by the GCC Statistical Centre.

Saudi Arabia ranked second with national employees making up 26pc of the total workforce, compared with 74pc of expatriate workers.

Oman ranked third with 23.2pc of employed citizens against 76.8pc of expatriate labour force.

Kuwait ranked fourth with 17.4pc compared with 82.6pc of expatriate labour force.

Qatar came last with 5.7pc against 94.3pc expatriate workers.

Statistics revealed an increase of 2.9pc in the number of national workers in GCC countries in the first quarter of 2022 compared with the fourth quarter of the previous year.

The data revealed an increase of 4.5pc in the number of expatriate workers in GCC countries during the same period.

It is worth noting that this percentage did not include people working in the security and military sectors, in addition to workers not registered with the social insurance, who are citizens.




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