Bahrain to host 2021 Asian Youth Para Games

The Kingdom of Bahrain will be hosting the 2021 Asian Youth Para Games taking place from November 27 until December 8. 


The event is in line with the aims of showcasing the Kingdom’s leadership and capability in hosting regional, continental and international sporting events that contribute to positioning Bahrain as a capital for sports and youth sports.


 17-year old Para Athlete, Ahmed Al Hindawi describes how he started swimming, saying “I started swimming almost 5 years ago and loved it ever since. It was with my love for swimming that I decided to train and work hard until I gained all the experiences and techniques I needed to compete at the top level. I am looking forward to appearing and competing in the upcoming Asian Youth Para Games in Bahrain, with hopes of winning medals and making my country proud”.


 He further states, “We have entered the advanced stages of our training in preparation for the upcoming tournament, where we would train up to 3 hours a day with an increased pace, with a key focus on increasing our physical fitness and practicing our tactics and strategies for the competition, that will surely work to our advantage against our competitors”.


Al Hindawi continues, “Since the beginning of our training, I have set goals for myself that I am aiming to achieve, one being to win a gold medal at the Asian Youth Para Games. My other ambitions include reaching international tournaments and succeeding in them”.


Speaking on what the upcoming games mean to him, Al Hindawi expressed his delight, stating” The upcoming Asian Youth Para Games means a lot to me, as it gives me the drive, motivation to reach my goals, and allows me to fulfill my dreams and passion to become a Para Athlete, win medals and represent my country”.


 Al Hindawi speaks on his training, stating “I am grateful and honoured to have all this support from my family who have been there for me through all the hardships, training and always cheering me on in the stands as I competed. I am also thankful for the coaches and trainers who have pushed me to train my hardest to be the best I can be and reach my full potential. I look forward to making them proud and winning medals in the upcoming tournament”.


To host the 2021 Asian Para Games in the Kingdom of Bahrain holds great privilege in being able to build a lasting and strong sporting legacy for the Paralympic Games and community, raising awareness and providing opportunities in sport and education for all the athletes and individuals with impairments, as well as strengthen relations between participating nations and Para athletes taking part. The unveiling of the logo and the meaning behind it, further emphasises the importance of sportsmanship and positivity, as well as showcasing the Kingdom of Bahrain as an ideal destination for sport, as well as an oasis of peace and tolerance, a country that unites athletes of all backgrounds together.




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