Bahrain 'to fully overcome effects of Covid-19 within two years'

Bahrain is expecting to fully overcome the effects of Covid-19 within around two years, Justice, Islamic and Endowments Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa told Shura Council members in their weekly session today.

He said Bahrain would project economic growth next year with the country still having a strong economic growth.

“We are optimistic that Bahrain will project economic growth next year as we fully recover on the economic aspect within two years from Covid-19,” said Shaikh Khalid.

“Bahrain still has a strong economic foundation that is able and capable of standing strong and coronavirus will be just an afterthought.

“We don’t have expert studies on the real-estate sector but whatever decisions we will come up with will aim towards maintaining and developing it and not destroying it.”  

The minister was speaking during a debate on amendments to the 2001 Non-Bahrainis Ownership of Property and Plots.




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