Bahrain sees doubling of 5G download speed

MANAMA: Bahrain has achieved a key milestone with 5G network download speeds in the country exceeding 2 GB per second (Gbps), the telecoms regulator has said.

The new maximum speed recorded as per the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)’s 2020 quality of service report on mobile networks is double the 1 Gbps logged in April last year.

The audit, which found average 5G speed was 440 Mbps, demonstrates that the kingdom has high quality of service networks accessible.

Commenting on the findings, TRA’s director of technical and operations Mohamed Alnoaimi said: “The audit showed the results of coverage, billing accuracy, and quality of service in general for all wireless Internet services and the results of 5G networks in particular. The results are considered a quantum leap in data download and upload speeds and quick response, especially with regards to 5G services. We must commend the role of telecommunications companies that have invested in these technologies and provided them to consumers in Bahrain, enabling them to access multiple Internet services efficiently at better speeds.”

The audit also covers consumer experience, testing download, upload, latency, various social media apps, and webpage navigation, showcasing the evolution of networks of all three operators currently offering 5G technology.



The official said TRA has worked with the Transportation and Telecommunications Ministry and all relevant government entities to facilitate the launch of 5G services and to make Bahrain one of the first countries to have nation-wide 5G coverage.

According to Mr Alnoaimi, this was part of the kingdom’s efforts to make it an attractive centre for investment maintaining its leading position regionally and internationally in telecommunications and information technology services.

“TRA constantly ensures that Bahrain preserves its status as a leading global hub in this critical sector, and it aims at improving readiness for latest applications like the ‘Internet of Things’ and machine-to-machine communications,” he added.




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