Bahrain salutes its heroes

AS the globe marks World Health Day, organisations and officials have saluted Bahrain’s brave nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals working on the frontlines of the fight against Covid-19.

The Health Ministry has acknowledged the services of medical and nursing staff through a series of video messages posted on its social media accounts to mark the occasion, which falls today.

The messages featured Health Minister Faeqa Al Saleh, Under-Secretary Dr Waleed Al Manae, Primary Healthcare assistant under-secretary Dr Maryam Al Hajeri and other officials, who applauded the services of medics working tirelessly in the face of the pandemic.

Thousands of frontline healthcare workers have died around the world from contracting Covid-19, while most of the countries are bracing their medics to face the situation.

Bahrain has so far not recorded any infection amongst its frontline healthcare staff as previously confirmed by Covid-19 Control and Monitoring Committee Head Lieutenant Colonel Dr Manaf Al Qahtani.

This year’s World Health Day is dedicated to nurses and midwives, which the Bahrain Medical Society (BMS) described as timely, as hundreds of nurses in Bahrain are risking their lives every day to keep the country safe and healthy.

“At the same time, nurses have been pushed to the frontlines of an outbreak that has already claimed lives, putting themselves in harm’s way, both physically and mentally,” BMS general secretary Dr Nazar BuKamal told the GDN.

“The nursing profession has long been charged with the noble, inspiring and exhausting work of caring for the sick and suffering.”

Dr BuKamal thanked every single nurse working in Bahrain, citizens and residents, who he said run towards the line of danger on a daily basis.

“This was not a battle they signed up for but is one for which they are taking up arms and fighting regardless,” he added.

“They have chosen selflessness over self-preservation, not just today in the war against the invisible enemy Covid 19, but every time they go to work.

“Thank you for being the helpers and heroes we look up to.”

Some of the nurses working in Bahrain’s public healthcare sector told the GDN they have been working round-the-clock to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus and urged everyone to stay at home during these unprecedented times.

“Our prime responsibility is patient care, above us, which in turn gives us a sense of pride and satisfaction,” said one of the nurses.

“The duty remains the same with the regular staff, but those on the frontline are working longer hours.

“They also have to quarantine themselves after their duty due to the risk involved – the risk of getting sick, the risk of being a carrier and any loopholes in the precautions.

“Every single medic on the frontlines fighting Covid-19 should be rewarded.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) this year aims to highlight the current status of nursing around the world, while making a series of recommendations to strengthen the nursing and midwifery workforce.




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