Bahrain ramps up Covid-19 testing

TESTS for Covid-19 have been tripled in the last week as the number of active cases increase.

From an average of 2,000 tests a day last week, it has gone up to 6,000 tests, with daily cases increasing from an average of 60 to 200, revealed Health Ministry Under-Secretary Dr Waleed Al Manea.

Bahrain has recorded more than 1,800 new cases in the last seven days alone and the number of active cases which was 2,066 on May 6 has gone up to 3,601 as of last night.

“We might see an increase in the number of cases, one of the reasons being the non-compliance and violations, while we have also issued a decision to increase the number of tests,” he said at a press briefing yesterday.

“We have also allocated more locations of more suspected cases, but we are optimistic of overcoming the challenge.”

He also reiterated that the bed capacity in treatment and quarantine facilities have been increased.

The GDN yesterday reported that the capacity of isolation and treatment centres for Covid-19 was raised to 4,257 beds, while that of the precautionary quarantine centre has been increased to 5,489 beds.

“Capacities of isolation and quarantine facilities increased in the country and this number is dynamic,” said Dr Al Manea.

“We are ready with proactive steps to deal with all scenarios as the situation is changing.”

Dr Al Manea, meanwhile, said that salons and other non-essential services could remain closed further.

“Decision for opening such outlets depends on many factors, not just the number of cases,” he added.

“We need to have the capacity and readiness in all matters based on which we will decide as to when to reopen, and we are studying this on a daily basis.

“All the measures taken are accurate and are not random.”




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