Bahrain Marina deal to create a major new tourism hotspot

Construction work has commenced for the ambitious BD200 million Bahrain Marina project which spans an expansive area of 256,000 square metres.

The Bahrain Marina Development Company has formalised an agreement appointing Nass Contracting, a subsidiary of Nass Corporation, as the principal contractor responsible for project implementation.

Simultaneously, Mohamed Salahuddin Engineers & Architects (MSCEB) will oversee the construction of the initial phase. This first phase of the project represents an investment of BD92m and contributes to the overall estimated project construction cost.

The signing ceremony, hosted at the company’s headquarters, saw the presence of Khalid Mohamed Yusuf Najibi, chairman of the board of directors, and Yusuf Al Thawadi, managing director.

Representing Nass Contracting was Sameer Nass, chairman of the board of directors, and Shawqi Al Hashemi, Nass Corporation CEO. Mohamed Salahuddin, chairman of the board of directors, and Thamer Salahuddin, CEO, represented Mohamed Salahuddin MSCEB, along with several senior officials from all participating parties.

Bahrain Marina Development Company has expressed its commitment to leverage the ‘extensive expertise’ of the renowned Nass Contracting in the construction sector for the project’s construction operations.

Concurrently, MSCEB will oversee the project, ensuring it adheres to the ‘highest applicable specifications and standards’, a statement added.

“With its extensive experience in this domain, the Bahrain Marina development is poised to evolve into a prominent tourist destination within the kingdom,” the partners said.

Spanning an impressive 256,000sqm and situated along Manama’s eastern coastal strip, this project is strategically positioned for transformation into a ‘global hotspot’, they confidently state.

Its objectives include fortifying the tourism sector, aligning with the overarching goals of the national tourism strategy, asserting its stature as a global tourism hub and augmenting tourism’s contribution to the domestic economy.

Mr Najibi affirmed that these concluded agreements signify a pivotal commencement for project construction.

Their collective goal is to transform this coastal area into an ‘unparalleled tourist, commercial and residential enclave in Manama’.

Haj Gulf was also recently appointed to the development due to its ‘extensive knowledge and expertise’ in project management and quantity surveying.

This development will offer a unique blend of living, shopping, scenic beaches and diverse water sports activities.

The comprehensive project scope encompasses a marina club building, a commercial complex, restaurants and a multi-storey tower featuring luxurious sea-view apartments.

Mr Najibi expressed his enthusiasm for the agreement, highlighting its paramount significance in light of the advanced capabilities of the project’s implementing companies.

He highlighted that the Bahrain Marina development, an integral part of the overarching waterfront plan for the capital, is poised to make substantial contributions. These contributions include bolstering the national economy, aligning with its growth trajectory, generating employment opportunities and fostering the development of the tourism and commercial sectors.

Additionally, it aligns with the broader goals outlined in the tourism strategy for the years 2022-2026.

He emphasised that the project is considered as one of the promising investment projects that achieve attractive returns for its investors and is set to create both direct and indirect job opportunities for local talents across various sectors, encompassing commerce, tourism and investments.

Mr Nass expressed eagerness to collaborate with the Bahrain Marina Development Company, leveraging their extensive experience in executing the construction operations for this prominent tourist attraction.

He noted that this project represents a ‘significant addition’ to the kingdom and will usher in an unparalleled comprehensive expansion.

This aligns with Bahrain’s overarching development plans and objectives, driven by ongoing efforts to provide vital tourist and commercial attractions. Such endeavours, in turn, contribute to the growth and enhancement of the national economy while increasing its competitiveness on regional and global scales.

Furthermore, Mr Salahuddin, affirmed his company’s commitment to bring their wealth of experience to bear, adding that it would adhere to the highest engineering specifications and standards to ensure that this extensive and pioneering project becomes a ‘distinguished cultural and tourist destination within the Kingdom of Bahrain’.

Bahrain Marina will aspire to elevate Bahrain’s status as a premier tourist destination. The project offers a range of residential choices, catering to both permanent and short-term stays, including the Bahrain Marina Residence, a luxurious hotel, and a pristine beach resort.

The ambience of Bahrain Marina aims to ‘seamlessly encapsulate the heritage and essence of Bahrain,’ strategically situated in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. This core concept guided the design of key elements such as a marina club building, scenic corniche, an array of shops and restaurants and a picturesque sea promenade.




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