Bahrain farmers to help boost stocks

FOOD suppliers in Bahrain are approaching local farmers to bolster their stocks during the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) crisis.

Officials have reassured the public that there are enough supplies of essential goods such as fruits and vegetables to last six months, with continuous imports boosting the stocks.

However, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry is seeking more opportunities to co-operate with local farmers, said its food wealth committee chairman Khalid Al Amin.

“Although we are still importing fruits and vegetables, we want to double our stocks and that’s why we are approaching local farmers,” he told the GDN.

“We want to rely on them more, which means improving their prices, moving more of their produce and making production better.”

Peninsula Farms general manager Shaikh Rashid Khalifa Al Khalifa told the GDN that in the current situation the role of local farmers is very important in ensuring food security.

“It’s not only the farmer, though; at this point, it’s the responsibility of all citizens to support the production of local food in any country,” said Shaikh Rashid.

“All of us need to support the local farmers and food producers. It needs to be something we actively think about, to find local products and support them.

“We need to co-operate to share the responsibility to grow and produce the widest range of products possible.

“We also need to build a relationship with all the retailers and suppliers because now more than ever all parties realise that we cannot achieve our goals unless we work together.


“As local farmers we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

“This is our time. We need to plan correctly for the following season; in agriculture we must always work months ahead and the work must start now to better prepare the farms for the next season.

“We also need all Bahrainis to play a role in the task. When you go to the supermarket, ask for local products, if you know the farmers themselves follow them on Instagram and contact them directly to get your products straight from the farms.

“These acts may seem small but they help the farmers so much. Though the main responsibilities lie with the farmers and food producers, there are things everyone can do to help all of us achieve our shared goal of better food security.”

He pointed out that the process of food production is a long one, from the initial planning and implementation phase to production all the way to distribution and ultimately getting the Bahraini products in the hands of the citizens and residents.

To get through this whole process many ministries and organisations are involved and he hoped all these entities worked more closely together to increase the efficiency of the process.

While there is no lack of effort by anyone, Shaikh Rashid said better organisation and co-operation can lead to the process being completed faster and more efficiently.




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