Bahrain exports rise to BD230m in July

MANAMA: The value of goods of national origin exported increased by 0.4 per cent, reaching BD230 million during July compared with BD229m in the same month of the previous year, the foreign trade report of the Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA) revealed yesterday.

The top 10 countries account for 76pc, with other countries making up the remaining 24pc.

Saudi Arabia ranked at the top of the list of countries to which Bahrain exported, with total exports valued at BD46m. The US came in second with BD38m, and the UAE third with BD21m.

Valued at BD33m, agglomerated iron ores and concentrates were the top products exported in July 2019; aluminum wire was second with a total value of BD25m, and unwrought aluminium alloys third with BD19m.

The value of imports increased by 2pc reaching BD493m during July 2019, compared to BD484m for the same month in the previous year. The top 10 countries exporting to Bahrain accounted for 70pc of the imports value.

According to the report, China is ranked as the top country in terms of exports to Bahrain, which total BD122m, Australia second with BD40m, and the UAE ranking third with BD28m.

Floating or submersible drilling platforms emerged as the top product imported to Bahrain, valued at BD67m, while non-agglomerated iron ores and concentrates were second at BD40m. Aluminum Oxide was the third most imported product with BD33m.

The value of re-exports increased by 58pc, reaching BD76m during July 2019, up from BD48m in the same month last year. The top 10 countries accounted for 92pc of the total re-exported value.

Saudi Arabia ranked at the top with a total value of BD31m. The UAE was second with BD22m, and China third with BD6m.

Gold ingots was the top product re-exported from Bahrain, with its value totalling BD11m. Four-wheel drive cars were second at BD9m, and cigarettes containing tobacco and concentrates third at BD6m.

The trade balance, which is the difference between exports and imports, recorded a deficit of BD188m during July 2019 versus BD207m for the same month of the previous year, decreasing by 9pc.



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