Bahrain ‘does not need a curfew’

BAHRAIN currently does not need a curfew, assured an expert, adding that it could have a psychological impact on people.

National Taskforce for Combating Covid-19 Monitoring Committee head Lieutenant Colonel Dr Manaf Al Qahtani said the best practice to curb an epidemic is limiting gatherings.

“We are not at a stage to go for a complete ban on public movement, but we will continue the ban on gathering of more than five people,” he said.

“With an epidemic the best practice according to many researches is to ban gatherings.

“There is no move to restrict people to their homes, as this could have psychological impact on people – we have many examples around the world.”

A number of countries including those in the GCC have announced a lockdown to limit the spread of Covid-19. However, Dr Al Qahtani said that the decision varied with the nature of the countries.

“Each country has its own nature of enforcing its decisions.

“So far I don’t think there is any necessity to issue a curfew order. People can go out and do their jobs within certain guidelines.”




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