Bahrain Bourse adopts Amazon WorkSpaces for enhanced business continuity, performance

Bahrain Bourse, a self-regulated multi-asset marketplace, adopted Amazon WorkSpaces, a secure desktop-as-a-service solution, to enhance its business continuity performance and strengthen operational agility and resilience.


Amazon WorkSpaces is a solution by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing service provider.


With Amazon WorkSpaces, Bahrain Bourse can provide a secure cloud-based virtual desktop to its employees that is accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Bahrain Bourse has fully utilized and customized the workspace to replicate its disaster recovery (DR) site encompassing all its functionality and features to ensure business continuity at all times.


Amazon WorkSpaces is deployed in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), with a secure login, and its services are available 24/7 to serve its purpose efficiently. 


“The past two years have reshaped the way capital markets firms operate," Hussain Abdulmohsen Aljamri, Director of IT at Bahrain Bourse, said.


"As Bahrain Bourse, we are always keen to discover new opportunities and rethink our operating models to increase efficiency, strengthen security, and provide unwavering business continuity to our employees and investors. We understand the importance of adapting and embedding reliable, secure, and innovative solutions to maintain communication, collaboration, and productivity in an unprecedented time.”


Vinod Krishnan, Head of Middle East and North Africa, AWS, said, “It’s great to see the ways in which Bahrain Bourse is leveraging Amazon WorkSpaces to be more flexible and equipped to respond to changing business needs. The ability for organizations to change where and how their workforce gets the job done is more important than ever. Amazon WorkSpaces gives organizations the ability to scale up and down in minutes as their needs change, on almost any device, so their end users can get the job done anywhere, and at any time, securely and reliably.”




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