Bahrain among 100 safest countries in terms of Covid-19 pandemic

BAHRAIN has been ranked 23 among the 100 safest countries around the world in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an international report.

The kingdom has received a Tier Two safety ranking as part of a study, titled ‘The 100 Safest Countries in the World for Covid-19’, which ranks a combined 200 nations and regions, divided into four tiers.

The report, published by Hong Kong’s Deep Knowledge Group, ranks Switzerland as the safest country in the world for Covid-19, while South Sudan is the most dangerous nation.

Bahrain ranks 23 on the report in terms of safety during Covid 19

The information is based on 130 quantitative and qualitative parameters and over 11,400 data points in categories such as quarantine efficiency, monitoring and detection, health readiness, and government efficiency.

The Tier Two safety ranking consists of 20 regions which scored exceptionally well in terms of regional safety and stability according to the first-stage analysis utilising 20 parameters, but not as high as those located in Tier One, according to the report.

Bahrain has a cumulative score of 592 points, with the highest of 127 points for government efficiency and risk management, followed by 109 points on quarantine efficiency, 102 points on emergency preparedness, 92 points for monitoring and detection, 85 points for regional resiliency and 76 points for healthcare readiness.

Kuwait (ranked at 21), Qatar (26) and Oman (33) are the other countries from the GCC listed in Tier Two.

While the UAE and Saudi Arabia are in Tier One, ranked 11 and 17 respectively.

China, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, is also in Tier One – ranked seventh.

The US, the UK, France and Russia all fall in the Tier Three safety ranking at 58, 68, 60 and 61 respectively.

The report shows the average score by regions

The 250-page report also states that there has been a significant change in the safety rankings through the months of the pandemic.

“Initially, countries that could react quickly to crises and had high levels of emergency preparedness ranked highest,” it said.

“Now countries with resilient economies are ranking higher.




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