Bahrain achieves perfect pay equality, entrepreneurship scores in World Bank’s report

 Bahrain has been strengthening its commitment to advancing women’s economic participation and gender equality, as indicated by the World Bank Group’s Women, Business and the Law 2022 report where the Kingdom’s score improved by 73% from 2018 to 2022.


The World Bank’s Women, Business and Law 2022 report examines laws and regulations that restrict women’s economic inclusion in 190 countries based on eight indicators revolving around the life cycle of a working woman.


Bahrain’s overall score improved by 9.4 points to a score of 65 out of 100 attributable to Bahrain gaining the perfect score of 100 in the Pay indicator, which reflects robust legislations on gender equality in the labour market.


Bahrain has also attained the perfect score of 100 in the Entrepreneurship indicator measuring equal treatment within the entrepreneurial landscape.


The Workplace indicator was another area of strength that Bahrain was recognized for, earning a score of 75/100.


This achievement comes against the backdrop of the Kingdom’s issuance of Decree-Law 16 of 2021, amending some provisions of Law 36/2012, promulgating the Labour Law in the Private Sector.


The decree includes a new paragraph that prohibits any discrimination in male or female wages in work of equal value.


The decree also repealed articles that limit women’s opportunities in certain fields of employment, including those with night shifts.


Bahraini women will enjoy greater flexibility and equal opportunities as a result, maximizing their economic contribution without any restrictions or conditions.


Bahrain’s positive performance in the Women, Business, and Law 2022 report fortifies the Kingdom’s belief in the principles of gender equality as well as the integral role of Bahraini women in the development of the economy.


This matter is reflected by the fruitful cooperation between the Government of Bahrain and the Supreme Council for Women.





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