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TWO exhibitions dedicated to arts and antiquities were yesterday opened at the new passenger terminal at Bahrain International Airport.

Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) president Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa and Transportation and Telecommunications Minister Kamal Ahmed inaugurated the two spaces.

“Today we launch a new space to showcase our ancient heritage for the world to explore and create a distinctive travel experience for all passengers using Bahrain International Airport, immersed in culture and knowledge,” said Shaikha Mai.

The artistic hub is the fruit of co-operation between BACA, the ministry and Bahrain Airport Company.

The two exhibitions were designed by “La Meadows” in co-operation with “Natalie Criniére”.

Located in the departures area of the airport, the halls showcase Bahrain’s heritage riches to create a strong bond linking visitors to Bahrain and the local community, transcending travel boundaries to the wider human experience.

The antiquities hall showcases collectibles spanning 6,000 years of the history of human settlement in Bahrain, which was considered, at a time, the land of eternity and wealth.

The exhibits include prehistoric flint tools, seals and pottery from the Dilmun and Tylos civilisations, pottery artifacts from the Islamic period, and pearling equipment.

As for the second hall, it focuses on the diversity and vitality of the fine arts movement in Bahrain and the creativity of prominent Bahraini artists.

It showcases works by Bahraini artists Ibrahim Bousaad, Ahmed Baqr, Jaffer Al Oraibi, Jamal Abdulrahim, Khalil Al Hashemi, Rashid Al Oraifi, Abduljabbar Al Ghodhbane, Abdulrahim Sharif, Abdullatic Moufid, Abdulkarim Al Arayyad, Adnan Al Ahmed, Ali Al Mahameed, Ghadi Khonji, Mohsen Al Tetoun, Nasser Al Youssef, Hesham Al Zubari and Youssef Qassim.





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