BACA: Ongoing efforts to preserve Bahrain's archaeological, cultural sites

Manama, Apr. 17 (BNA): Marking the International Day for Monuments and Sites, which is observed on April 18, Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities has asserted the ongoing efforts to enhance the status of archaeological sites in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It noted keenness to promote their history and their significance locally and regionally by attracting them public to them through innovative programmes. It also pointed out the role of the local community in preserving and maintaining them.


Celebrated under the theme "Heritage Changes", the International Day for Monuments and Sites 2023 aims to cast light on the changing nature of the heritage sites and the need for innovative approaches to manage and preserve them. The event also underscores the importance of acknowledging contributions of diverse communities surrounding the sites and the need to take their opinion into consideration in decision making.


In this context, BACA President, Shaikh Khalifa bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said that celebrating Bahrain's cultural sites does not only include focusing on the historical, aesthetic and cultural values they bear, but rather it should be an opportunity to shed light on the challenges and threats they face. He explained that BACA is developing a strategy for the sustainability and preservation of these sites for future generations.


He added that it is important for everyone in Bahrain to work together to protect those sites and ensure their survival as a source of cultural and historical pride for Bahrain and the world. He stressed their importance and ability to be a tributary of the tourism industry, attract visitors to the Kingdom and contribute to the renaissance of Bahrain.





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