Asry’s ‘green’ initiative nets $50,000 in savings

Asry has netted $50,000 in savings within six months of the implementation of an energy efficiency initiative.

The Arabian Gulf’s leading maritime repair and fabrication facility said yesterday that a newly-deployed power capacitor bank has reduced the yard’s consumption without affecting productivity.

“Asry is committed to energy efficiency on two fronts,” commented the yard’s managing director Mazen Matar.

“Firstly for our customers, with our expertise in installing energy efficient products and upgrades on their vessels. Secondly for our community, nation and planet, by reducing the yard’s environmental impact through carbon-reducing initiatives, such as these power capacitor banks.”

Asry has a number of environmental projects underway, including becoming the first shipyard to achieve global standards in green steel recycling of vessels, a yard-wide solar panel project under development, in addition to production energy improvements, such as LED lighting rigs and these power capacitor banks.

By deploying correcting capacitor banks, the power factor required for the yard equipment, for example welding transformers, compressors, pumps, machines, dehumidifiers and cranes, can be efficiently stepped-down, wasting less energy.




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