Anyone planning international travel should do their research


The federal government has been gradually reopening the Canadian border and easing travel restrictions since August, but confusion remains around what is required when booking an international trip and whether you should.

After the U.S. announced it will reopen its land border to Canadians  many are once again planning their international getaway.

But before they do, the director of Government Relations with CAA Insurance, Elliott Silverstein says people need to take the necessary precautions, because we remain under a level three Global Affairs Travel Advisory.

“Depending on where you travel to -- you need to understand what the requirements are of your destination because, unlike typical travel, the rules may vary depending on your destination. So it’s about understanding the requirements of where you are headed to, but also the requirements about heading back to Canada because, again, there are requirements about testing and when it needs to be done.”

Canadians returning to the country from international travel are required to provide a molecular PCR test that could cost up to $200 and must be taken within 72 hours of their return travel.

Silverstein says things are very fluid and it’s also vital that you know what’s covered with your travel insurance.

“It’s important to understand what the restrictions are…are there exemptions, do you qualify for everything? I think in the past people were willing to take greater risks -- I think now it’s really important to take time, read the fine print.”

Meantime, the Middlesex-London Health Unit says travel outside of Canada remains risky and advises that people follow the guidance of the federal government, Health Canada and the travel advisories that are issued.

“Especially outside of Canada, you can’t be as certain of the rate of illness that is publicly reported. Many countries don’t have the same testing infrastructure that we do, so particularly if you are travelling in developing countries, you don’t really know for sure how much COVID there is, and it’s quite possible that the rates are actually quite high,” says Dr. Chris Mackie.

And if you had plans to book an international flight out of the London International Airport, CEO Mike Seabrook tells CTV News London they are still not authorized for international flights.

As a result, 14 Sunwing flights have already been cancelled for the month of December.



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