Almarai increases prices of its bakery items sold in Bahrain

A POPULAR dairy company has raised the prices of its bread and cakes sold in supermarkets across Bahrain, with the rates shooting up by 20 to 100 per cent yesterday.

Saudi Arabian company Almarai’s popular and in-demand Luisine bread, cream rolls, cheese puffs, croissants, and cakes are among the products that have become costlier.

Reasons for the price rise remain unknown.

The GDN obtained a copy of the ‘market alert’ sent by Saudi multinational company Almarai to retailers across Bahrain.

A pack of cheese croissants previously sold for 500 fils will now cost BD1, and sliced white bread will cost 550 fils, up from 450 fils earlier. The price of Puff cheese has doubled to 200 fils from 100 fils.

“We received a letter from Almarai revealing the new rates, however, no reason was cited for the increase,” said an Indian cold store owner, who did not wish to be identified.

“We have agreements with the company and so we cannot question them, all we can do is implement the new rates. Local agents said the decision was taken by the Saudi office, but we are unable to explain this to customers.”

Another shopkeeper said the products that have become costlier were much sought-after by families, especially children.

“Luisine bread is popular – sale price of the 600gm white bread pack has increased from 450 fils to 550 fils,” he said.

“Yet another popular snack is the family pack of cheese croissant, the price of which has gone up by 100pc, from 500 fils to BD1.”

An expatriate mother expressed concern over the unexpected rise in prices.

“Today my son wanted a brownie chocolate and a pack of four was priced at BD1.200 against a dinar or lesser before,” she said.

“I asked the shopkeeper if a mistake has been made. He just shrugged and said the prices have gone up.

“We are all going through a tough time and products like bread are a common man’s need, not a luxury.

“Shopkeepers do not know why the cost has gone up and there is no official announcement, this tantamounts to exploitation,” she added.

The GDN reported in December that Almarai raised prices of its dairy and juice products by 15-40pc in Bahrain, citing an increase in production costs.

In September last year, Saudi companies had raised milk, laban and yoghurt prices following a Saudi Cabinet decision to scrap 50pc subsidies for dairy companies. At the time, the GDN had reported that Bahraini companies were ramping up production to meet the local demand.

Almarai officials in Saudi and local authorities could not be reached for comments.

For revised price list of the products, visit GDN’s official website





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