Airlines must go sustainable or become history - Etihad CEO

While last week the eyes of the world were on COP 26 and what world governments should do to advance the fight against climate change, this week the focus fell on what airlines and aerospace manufacturers can do to reduce carbon emissions and become more sustainable.

For the CEO of Abu Dhabi’s Etihad the answer is simple – go sustainable or become history.

Speaking at a panel on the UAE’s commitment to sustainability at Dubai Airshow, Douglas said that society will make choices about carbon emissions and sustainability going forward. 

Asked whether aviation will remain as successful and affordable as the world moves towards an energy transition, he said “Yes”.

“But society will make choices,” he said. “And increasingly, those choices will be whether they choose to take the sustainable option. Those who are aren’t able to provide a sustainable option will become pages in history books, probably sooner than many of us actually think.” 

On Sunday Etihad showcased a Greenliner aircraft at the Dubai Airshow 2021. Etihad in partnership with Boeing is also developing sustainable, lower carbon emitting technology, including sustainable fuel.

The airline also flew its most sustainable flight, with 72 percent reduced carbon emissions, from London to Abu Dhabi last month.




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