Act responsibly call ahead of Eid holidays

PEOPLE have been urged to “act responsibly” and follow health guidelines to avoid a surge in coronavirus (Covid-19) cases during Eid Al Adha.

They have also been advised to avoid family gatherings during the holidays, which have been cited as a reason for the spread of the virus globally.

Bahrain witnessed a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases during the end of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr holidays, which officials said was a result of “reckless non-compliance” with health and safety guidelines.

This was pointed out by health officials at a Press conference yesterday when they reminded people of their “responsibility” to remain committed and follow regulations to overcome the unprecedented challenge.

“Large family gatherings were the reason for the spread of Covid-19, and this has been seen globally,” said National Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus member Lt Col Dr Manaf Al Qahtani.

“In Bahrain, the number of active cases on May 25 was 4,323 which went up to 5,343 in two weeks.

“The total number of active cases on the first day of Eid Al Fitr on May 25 was 4,323, and this increased, after about a week, to 4,988 on June 3.

“The increase in the total active cases continued to reach 5,343 on June 11, after about two weeks.

“This was due to the high numbers of contacts – an increase of nearly 1,000 cases compared with the first days of the holiday.

“This was the case globally and in Bahrain too we saw family gatherings and people going out unnecessarily leading to contacts and the spread.

“We don’t want this to repeat during Eid Al Adha.”

He reiterated the need to wear face masks and adhere to the standards of social distancing.

“Physical and social distancing are important and we hope the numbers will decrease and not increase after Eid Al Adha.

“We hope to avoid what happened in the past.

“Let these numbers reflect our manners and let us not steal the joy of Eid and risk the lives of our dear ones.”

Dr Al Qahtani was speaking at an online Press conference yesterday alongside Health Ministry Under-Secretary Dr Walid Al Manea, Tamkeen chief executive Dr Ibrahim Janahi and task force member Dr Jameela Al Salman.

Dr Al Manea also urged citizens and residents to avoid family gatherings and celebrate Eid Al Adha by greeting each other through social media.

“We need to continue with determination, especially as we are heading towards the blessed Eid Al Adha and we count on everyone to adhere to the precautionary measures so that we do not witness an increase in cases as happened after Eid Al Fitr,” he said.

“We emphasise on avoiding family gatherings and we renew the invitation to greet through social media and give gifts through activating online payments.”

Dr Al Manea also highlighted that the Health Ministry has introduced psychological support to frontline workers.


The GDN reported last month that a hotline will soon be set up as part of this initiative, spearheaded by the ministry’s Public Health Directorate’s School of Health in co-operation with volunteers in the field of mental health.

According to School of Health head Dr Iman Ahmed Haji, the new hotline will offer remote psychological counselling for frontline and other healthcare workers, who are experiencing distress at work due to the current situation.

“This aims to reduce anxiety amongst the staff which has a negative impact on them and the active cases at the treatment centres,” said Dr Al Manea.

“This also helps in raising the level of awareness of citizens and residents.”

He also advised people to take advantage of telemedicine services launched by the ministry for simple consultations and health enquiries or to request and renew medical prescriptions.




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