A new law in France aims to protect indie bookshops against outsized Amazon competition

Amazon often offers cheap books with fast and free delivery options, making it hard for independent bookstores to compete. The new law regulating delivery fees will put a bit more power back into the hands of indie shops.

Independent bookstores across the globe have long struggled to compete with Amazon.

The retail giant’s ability to offer cheaper prices along with fast and often free deliveries have made it hard for the smaller bookstores to keep afloat in this battle of David and Goliath. 

But in France, a new law aimed at setting the price of delivery fees is about to put a bit more power back into the hands of indie shops.

The legislation, passed in early October, follows a 2014 law that forbade online booksellers from giving discounts or free delivery. For years, Amazon has gotten around the law by setting its minimum delivery fees at a single cent. But now, the French government has shot down that loophole, too.

Source: https://www.pri.org/stories/2021-10-27/new-law-france-aims-protect-indie-bookshops-against-outsized-amazon-competition


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