99.9 Per-cent compliance with summer ban

THE annual two-month midday outdoor work ban implemented in the kingdom registered a slightly higher compliance rate compared to last year, it was announced yesterday.

The July-August clamp saw 99.92 per cent of the establishments complying, compared to 99.87pc last year.

The ban ended on Thursday with 16 violations by employers and 31 violations by workers, said Labour Minister Jameel Humaidan in a statement yesterday.

The Labour Ministry’s specialised teams had carried out 21,723 inspection visits to worksites during the ban, he added.

The ban, which makes it illegal for companies to employ workers on outdoor sites between midday and 4pm, is based on a 2007 law aimed at preventing heat-related illness among labourers in the scorching summer heat.

It has been in force from July 1 to August 31 since 2013 following an edict issued by Mr Humaidan.

The minister said the results showcased the kingdom’s keenness to consolidate the human rights system and protect workers’ rights.

“This has been achieved by creating a secure and sustainable work environment that reflects the kingdom’s civilisational image and leadership in putting in place secure procedures to protect the workforce in various production sectors, which contributed to ensuring sustainable growth, preserving workers’ dignity and constantly improving work conditions, in accordance with International Labour Organisation standards.”

He praised the co-operation of employers, labourers and members of the ministry. “Thank you to the employers who were keen to adhere to the implementation of the aforementioned decision,” said Mr Humaidan.

“It contributed to a decrease in the number of injuries resulting from heat stress, sunstroke and other summer diseases – as well as an increase in the productivity levels of establishments by ensuring appropriate working conditions that lead to the efficiency of operational processes.”

All violations have been referred to the Public Prosecution for legal measures to be taken in accordance with Article 192 of the Labour Law in the Private Sector promulgated by Law No 36 of 2012.

The law stipulates that “anyone who violates any of the provisions of Chapter 15 shall be punished with penalties including jail term of no more than three months or a fine of between BD500 and BD1,000, or both”.


Source: https://www.gdnonline.com/Details/1290094/999-Per-cent-compliance-with-summer-ban-


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