90% of Bahraini employees succeeded in working remotely

At least 90% of staff, including finance, logistics, and many other teams, can successfully work from home if they are provided with laptops, monitors, and information security tools, said an expert.


But remote employees face higher risks due to unsupervised software installation, malicious websites, and unsecured internet connection, said Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN International, a  leading IT systems integrations and IT consultant company based in Bahrain. 


He pointed out that NGN International has translated all its experience and insights into two solution portfolios to help governmental and private institutions to continue their work effectively and safely under the current circumstances. 


He said that the first portfolio includes a set of remote work solutions to close all gaps, regardless of the business scope and industry specifics. Solutions are conveniently grouped by task and deployment time, which varies from one day to several weeks. Universally applicable solutions, such as virtual workspaces, and time trackers, are also included.


The second portfolio is a set of cybersecurity consulting services to improve the security of a crisis-hit business. Leveraging the above solutions, Bahraini companies will not only get strong and ready for remote work and survive the pandemic but also close dangerous vulnerabilities across the infrastructure and ensure the effectiveness and smoothness of performance.


He said that the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) landed a punch on business and posed a great challenge for the business owners who have to run their business on the one hand, and enforce the precautionary measures on the other hand.


“Adapting to this unprecedented crisis, we have learned our lessons the hard way in the field of innovation and application of some information technology tools and systems, that help to monitor business performance and  productivity, and to ensure the sustainability of services and products' access to markets and consumers, even if the first wave of coronavirus is prolonged or followed by other waves of the virus,” Al Awadhi said.


He explained that the next things business should consider, seriously and carefully, information security, application performance, user experience, secure resource access, and take control over connected devices by using Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.-- Tradearabia News Service


Source: http://www.tradearabia.com/news/IT_367972.html


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