50pc of Covid cases contracted through family gatherings

Manama: The Health Ministry recorded a significant increase in the number of existing cases of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) cases.

An analysis of the existing cases registered after contact tracing operations showed an increase in cases among children and housewives.

The virus was transmitted to them due to lack of commitment and societal contact between relatives, said the ministry in a statement.

The percentage of cases in this category was estimated at 50 per cent, of which 13pc were children in the age groups between 0-17 years, which marked a significant increase for these age groups.

The ministry revealed that 40pc of the cases are due to mixing with existing cases, while 5pc are due to those coming from abroad. The percentage of Bahrainis among the existing cases was 51pc, compared with 49pc for expatriates.

It warned of the danger of laxity in applying precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus and underestimating its seriousness, which leads existing case rates to reach levels greater than they were in the past.

It stressed the importance of reducing the rates of existing cases through responsible commitment to implementing the instructions issued by the National Taskforce for Combating Covid-19, and putting the interest of the homeland and society above all considerations.

“It is regrettable to see a significant increase of infections after the reduction in the number of existing cases, which constitutes a double burden on the health authorities and cadres working day and night in order to combat the Coronavirus,” said the ministry.

It urged citizens and residents to stay away from gatherings in order to preserve the health of community members, adding that everyone yearns to return to normal life.

The ministry urged adherence to wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, limiting gatherings to the same family at home and the social environment within the usual and limited range, stressing the need to avoid outdoor closed spaces in order to reduce the rates of infections within society.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/912589


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