50 per cent wage support package could continue

BUSINESSES hit hard by Covid-19 could continue receiving 50 per cent wage support for their Bahraini employees from February to April under an urgent proposal approved unanimously by MPs yesterday.

The government paid the wages in full from April to June last year for all sectors, before extending 50pc support to the most affected sectors from July to December.

Last week, the Cabinet ordered Tamkeen to provide wage support for Bahrainis in businesses that have had to shut down due to the pandemic.

“The Unemployment Fund will pay 60pc of the wages of sacked Bahrainis or up to BD1,000 for a year, whichever is closer to the actual wage, and the 50pc support is very feasible,” said Ebrahim Al Nefaei, who spearheaded the proposal.

MPs also approved:

  • An urgent proposal, presented by five MPs led by Ahmed Al Salloom, to have a new financial support package for the private sector to help companies that have shut down or those forced to close partially.
  • An urgent proposal to drop all pending rents from Bahrainis for shops, stalls or spaces in central markets or public parks.
  • An urgent proposal to have the government give annual pay rises to those working in companies it owns 50pc or more of, which have been stopped due to Covid-19.
  • An urgent proposal to have working mothers in the government or private sector work from home during the temporary closure of schools, especially primary and intermediate.
  • An urgent proposal to issue Covid-19 free certificates once monthly for Bahrainis wishing to travel through random testing rather than appointments.
  • Taking measures to stop cattle and sheep shipments, livestock and meat, from countries or areas which have plagues among animals.
  • Introducing a system in which expats are cleared from leaving the country without financial dues to banks or others; and
  • Monitoring deadly gas emissions from factories in the Southern Governorate.

All will now be reviewed by the Cabinet.

MPs also approved an urgent request to issue a statement on the 20th anniversary of the National Action Charter.


Source: https://www.gdnonline.com/Details/935432/50-per-cent-wage-support-package-could-continue


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