35 tenders worth BD31.8m awarded for vital projects

THIRTY-FIVE tenders worth BD31,831,381 were awarded during the first quarter of the current year for infrastructure projects, it has been revealed.

Works Minister Ibrahim Al Hawaj added that the roads sector had the lion’s share with 15 projects across the kingdom, followed by the construction sector (10), sewage (nine) and a technical maintenance project.

The minister pointed out that the projects are part of the ministry’s efforts to develop the infrastructure to keep pace with the investment and urban movement, and support economic development of the country.

The plans will not only achieve the objectives of the government, but also fulfil the aspirations to enhance the quality of life of citizens and residents, and develop public services.

Mr Al Hawaj said that the cost of the road projects awarded during Q1 2023 amounted to BD24,334,757, and was aimed at facilitating traffic movement and increase its flow on the roads network, which contributes to enhancing mobility while also developing the rain drainage system.

Among the most prominent road projects that have been awarded are the revamp of Zallaq Highway (from Shaikh Salman Highway to Bahrain Bay Highway), the improvement of Al Dair Highway, the development of Jasra Interchange (development of entrances to the Northern City – Fourth Package), the bicycle path on Bilaj Al Jazayer Highway, the development of Al Mahzoura Road 37 and Hajiyat Road 939, and the rainwater drainage project linking Lake Louzi with the mouth of the water in Hamala within the second phase.

With regard to the sewage sector projects, nine tenders were awarded during Q1 2023 at a cost of BD3,751,928, as part of efforts to provide a healthy and sound environment, and to expand the number of beneficiaries of sewage services.

Among the most prominent sewage projects that have been awarded are cleaning sewage networks and water drains, expanding the rainwater drainage network in the Riffa (Al Buhair) area in Block 933, and consultancy services project for the design of treated wastewater networks in different areas.

With regard to the construction and maintenance sector projects, the minister said that 10 projects have been awarded at a cost of BD3,715,382, and comes as part of the ministry’s strategy to develop government buildings and public utilities and confirm the partnership with various government agencies and to provide support and assistance to all government agencies.

Among the major projects awarded are the comprehensive maintenance work for Jabriya Industrial Secondary School for Boys, Sanad Primary School for Boys, A’ali Primary School for Girls, Yathrib Preparatory School for Girls and Saad Bin Abi Waqqas Primary School for Boys.

Mr Al Hawaj pointed out that bids have also been invited for 24 tenders worth an estimated BD94,425,561 between January and March. These were distributed across the various sectors of the ministry, with 15 projects for the roads sector, six projects for the sewage sector and three projects for the maintenance and buildings sector.

Among the most prominent projects that have been put forward in the roads sector are the construction of roads leading to East Sitra Town Phase 1, Busaiteen Bridge Road – Package III, Development of Road 27 and Road 79 in Saar Village 523, 527, 525 and 577, revamp of road in Isa Town Block 816, and the development of Raya Street – Phase 1B.

A number of projects have also been launched in the sewage sector, most notably the construction of the sewage network in the Hidd area Block 109-113, and the construction of the sewage network in the Barbar area Block 522.

A number of projects have been launched in the construction and maintenance sector, most notably, the development of Manama beachfront (first phase), in addition to preventive maintenance work on the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in Manama under a two-year contract.

The minister said efforts are underway to develop infrastructure and achieve sustainable development to meet the aspirations of citizens and support the national economy, based on the government’s programme.


Source: https://www.gdnonline.com/Details/1240546/35-tenders-worth-BD318m--awarded-for-vital-projects


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