2pc of population infected with virus

MORE than two per cent of Bahrain’s population has been infected with Covid-19, as the country has crossed 34,000 cases.

As of yesterday, Bahrain recorded a total of 34,560 cases, including 4,123 active cases, 30,320 recoveries and 117 fatalities.

This means that 2pc of the population, which stands at 1.7 million based on latest United Nations data, has so far been infected with the virus since the outbreak started in Bahrain on February 21.

Bahrain has been witnessing an average of 500 new cases a day in the last two weeks.

Bahrain also recorded six new deaths yesterday, taking the total to 117, which is 0.34pc of the total number of cases.

Of the six men who died from the virus yesterday, three are citizens aged 51, 71 and 79, while the remaining are expats, aged 41, 73 and 44.

The oldest virus fatality in the country was a Bahraini man, aged 92, who died on July 6, while the youngest was a 29-year-old expatriate man who died on July 12.

Of the total fatalities, 92 are men – 50 Bahrainis and 42 expats – while the 25 women include only two expats, aged 65 and 73.

The Bahraini women are aged between 34 and 88.

Meanwhile, the country continues to record high rates of recoveries, which stand at 87.3pc of the total number of cases.

The GDN previously reported that the rise in new cases has increased among Bahrainis, with health authorities attributing the rise to reckless non-compliance of measures put in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus, including social distancing guidelines.

They also blamed the increasing transmission rate among locals on families continuing to hold gatherings.

In its ongoing social media awareness campaign on public health guidelines and precautionary measures to combat the virus, the Health Ministry yesterday highlighted the importance of wearing face masks and sterilisation of homes and personal equipment.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/837824/2pc-of-population-infected-with-virus


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