WHO Covid-19 tests milestone for kingdom

BAHRAIN has achieved another milestone in combating the spread of Covid-19 in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

The WHO’s latest addition to the criteria for assessing the efforts of countries in curbing the virus is measuring laboratory test results.

Ideally the ratio is to have 10 negative Covid-19 cases per one positive case and the WHO’s recommended percentage for this is below 9pc for a country to be able to conduct “commendable efforts”.

Bahrain has so far achieved a total of 2pc in this regard, revealed Health Ministry Under-Secretary Dr Waleed Al Manea.

“One of the criteria recently added by the WHO to gauge the efforts of the countries in tackling virus is measuring the laboratory tests per capita,” explained Dr Al Manea.


“It is having 10 negative Covid-19 cases per one positive case.

“As per this criterion of the WHO standards in the field of testing, a country’s efforts are merited if it is especially less than 9pc and Bahrain achieved a total of 2pc, which reflects on the kingdom’s efforts in tackling the virus.”

He was addressing an online Press conference yesterday, where he also highlighted the ministry’s efforts and proactive precautionary plans to preserve public health and safety.

“Work is continuing in accordance with the specific methodologies and paths in a manner that contributes to tackling the virus effectively,” he said.

“Citizens returning from abroad are referred to the precautionary quarantine centres for two weeks based on the results of laboratory tests.

“The ministry also applies home quarantine to citizens who have been in contact with existing cases for a period of two weeks and recovering cases for a period of four weeks until ensuring that they are completely free of the virus by following them.


“Laboratory tests are done for them during the quarantine period and later, and are allowed to leave only with permission to ensure public safety.”

He also discussed the country’s capacity for Covid-19 treatment, isolation and quarantine facilities.

“The capacity of the isolation and treatment centres is 2,473, the occupancy of which is only 1,506 beds, and in the private sector the capacity is 136 and the current occupancy is only 50,” he explained.

“The capacity of the precautionary quarantine centres is 1,673, the occupancy is 902, and in the private sector the capacity is 801, and the occupancy is 20.”


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/821451/WHO-Covid-19-tests-milestone-for-kingdom


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