Saudi Arabia launches mega Jeddah waterfront development

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture today (February 12) announced the launch of Jeddah Historic district’s Waterfront Project.


The project is part of the larger Jeddah Historical Rejuvenation Project, launched in September 2021 by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister.


Lauding HRH the Crown Prince’s efforts to preserve, restore and rejuvenate historic sites, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan Al Saud, the Minister of Culture, said the two-year project will reconnect the Red Sea with Al Balad – downtown Jeddah’s popular moniker – and vitalize the historic Al Bunt Port.


The ministry's Jeddah Historical District Programme, is to be implemented in three phases, said the ministry. 


During the Phase One, sections of the waterfront that had previously been filled decades prior to accommodate the city’s urban expansion would be carved out once more. 


In Phase Two, Lake Al Arbaeen’s water would be treated and purified, leading up to the final phase, which will see the construction of a marina for luxury yachts as well as creation of open green spaces, pedestrian overpasses and public utilities to round off Al Balad’s sustainable urban structure.


"The redeveloped waterfront will be constructed in line with high and sustainable standards, and feature cultural, historical, and environmental themes from across Al Balad," explained Prince Badr. 


The project, he stated, was a concentrated effort to platform the Al Balad area as a world-class tourist and cultural destination, a goal that is part of Vision 2030’s objective of building a dynamic economy for an ambitious nation.


"The Jeddah Historical Rejuvenation Project aims to leverage the area’s heritage and distinct cultural elements to power the local economy while redeveloping the urban space into an ideal place to live, work and create," said the minister. 


"On completion, the project will highlight Al Balad’s historic landmarks and enhance its presence within a refined, environmentally-friendly urban ecosystem complete with natural greenery and vibrant waterfronts," he added.



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