Proposal to shift all government services online by year's end presented

An urgent proposal to shift all government services online by the end of the year has been presented. 

Spearheaded by five MPs, led by Dr Abdulla Al Thawadi, the proposal aims to ensure efficient and fast transformation.

It was presented to Parliament chairwoman Fouzia Zainal today to be referred to the Cabinet.

"Half of the government services are already online or don't require physical presence to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but we believe all services could be acquired electronically," said Dr Al Thawadi.

"The government has the platform and the experience so there is no need to figure things out until 2022 - we can do things now before the year end.

"Automated process, doorstep services, at convenience presence or delivery has to replace physical presence or waiting in queues.

"New technologies enable best practices and in the fastest time possible."




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