Only 2pc of Covid tests in Bahrain positive

Bahrain has conducted 65,768 tests for Covid-19 since registering the first case and of this, 2% have tested positive, with 98% returning negative, said a senior official.


Speaking at the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (Covid-19) press conference held at the Crown Prince Centre for Training and Medical Research at the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital, Health Ministry Undersecretary Dr Walid Al-Manea, highlighted the effectiveness of ‘test, trace and treat’ method to safeguard Bahrain’s citizens and residents, said a Bahrain News Agency report. 


At the press conference, Infectious Disease Consultant & Microbiologist at the BDF Hospital and member of the Covid taskforce, Lt Col Manaf Al Qahtani said out of the 751 active cases, 89% are asymptomatic, while 11% exhibit symptoms.


Dr Al Manea noted the efforts of the Ministry of Health to combat Covid-19, including contact tracing methods and field visits to labour dormitories in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, via mobile testing units.


Additionally, Dr Al Manea highlighted that the kingdom’s pre-emptive Covid-19 campaigns have contributed to the identification and management of active cases across the kingdom.


He further said the increase in testing capacity across the kingdom has revealed a large number of active Covid-19 cases among labourers. Failure to follow the ban on gatherings in these dormitories is a factor in the increase of active cases amongst labourers and stressed the importance of all citizens and residents following social distancing measures, he said. 


Dr. Al Manea highlighted the Kingdom’s current testing, quarantine, isolation and treatment capacity is as follows:

* Public isolation and treatment capacity stands at 1,699 beds, of which 744 are currently being used

* Private isolation and treatment capacity stands at 172 beds, of which 7 are currently being used

* Public quarantine capacity stands at 2,504 beds, of which 824 are being used

* Private quarantine capacity stands at 321 beds, of which 65 are being used


Dr Al Manea reiterated the importance of citizens, residents and businesses following all public health guidelines, adding that authorities are committed to ensuring large quantities of masks are available on the open market, and reminding all that home-made masks are also a good option. 


Dr Al Qahtani said the kingdom has built a new temporary intensive care unit, which has been constructed in a record 7 days and contains 130 beds for the treatment of critical active Covid-19 cases. 


Dr Al Qahtani also highlighted the launch of the drive-through testing centre, aimed at facilitating testing and the maintenance of social distancing measures. This service is available for individuals who have completed their self-isolation period, who can book an appointment via the “Be Aware” app three days prior to the end of their self-isolation period. 


Dr Al Qahtani noted that testing capacities have increased 11-fold since the kingdom began its testing efforts. The average number of tests taken per day has risen from 295 to 3,233. 





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