NBB launches enhanced virtual training programme

MANAMA: The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has announced a first-of-its-kind Virtual Training Calendar driven by EMIC Training and in collaboration with AON-Hewitt, Board Director’s Institute (BDI) and Dr Majdi Obaid.

The programme comes as part of NBB’s continuous efforts to support employee career progression and development. It was designed to meet the needs and requirements of employees, extending an enhanced learning opportunity to all members of staff, including employees of the recently acquired Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB).

The programme aims to empower employees by allowing them to take responsibility and control of their career development and progression through a series of training opportunities which is part of their annual training programme. It also supports NBB’s efforts to capitalise on its drive towards increased digitilisation with all sessions taking place online.

Commenting on the initiative, Dana Buheji, chief human resource officer at NBB, said: “The design of the programme came as a direct result of a survey conducted internally to better understand the requirements of our employees. Despite the current situation, our commitment to continue human capital development, mentor the best talent, and groom leaders from within remains a strategic priority. With this initiative, we continue to enable and empower our staff to carry on with their professional development without any disruptions.”

Also contributing towards this initiative are employees from both NBB and BisB who will be offering trainings on areas of interest to employees from both organisations.

The calendar is set to include a total of 19 training topics focusing on software technical training, financial industry related updates, management related skills, and general wellbeing.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/822131/NBB-launches-enhanced-virtual-training-programme


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