National Action Charter: Proud milestone for Bahrain

THE National Action Charter is an opportunity to recall with pride the patriotic stances of the Bahraini people, His Majesty King Hamad said yesterday.

The charter paved the way for embarking on a glorious march of building the kingdom’s institutions and constitutional branches, he said when he received, in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Premier, senior Royal Family members on the 19th anniversary of the charter.

They congratulated the King on the occasion, and expressed pride in the landmark achievements of the kingdom in all fields and the distinguished position it has reached at the international level thanks to the King’s leadership.

They praised tremendous efforts by the King to enhance Bahrain’s relations with brotherly and friendly countries, as well as to promote its honourable stances at global gatherings and strengthen its leading role at the Arab and international levels.

They prayed to Allah the Almighty to guide the King on the right path, and to bless him with abundant health and happiness to continue leading the progress march witnessed by the kingdom during his prosperous era.

His Majesty welcomed senior Royal Family members, and exchanged with them congratulations on the national occasion.

He thanked them for the their noble patriotic feelings.

The charter’s unprecedented consensus, the King said, embodied the all-inclusive Bahraini identity that seeks development and civilisational progress.

He underlined the importance of adherence to the essence and principles of the charter by preserving what has been achieved so far, and carrying on dedicated efforts to build on hard-won national gains.

The King stressed the importance of continuous and constructive co-operation between the executive and legislative branches.

He expressed appreciation for the members of the two branches for their constant keenness to place the interests of the nation and the citizens at the top of their priorities.


In this regard, the King underlined the achievements of the National Assembly, and its success in playing the role assigned to it to the fullest.

His Majesty affirmed that Bahraini citizens will always remain the focus of the development march and its ultimate goal, expressing pride in the solidarity among all Bahraini citizens.

He affirmed the kingdom’s steadfast determination to continue enhancing its progress.

The King performed Friday Prayers at Sakhir Palace’s mosque and later hosted a lunch banquet in honour of those present.


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