Mumtalakat announces new investment strategy

Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company (Mumtalakat), the sovereign wealth fund of Bahrain, has announced a new investment strategy that will support Bahrain’s economic recovery plan through the active management of its portfolio of strategic assets along with a balanced investment approach.


The new strategy is based on an active ownership model that will enable Mumtalakat to be an engaged investor that is involved to support the sustainable growth of assets by collaborative value-creation and supporting its implementation through active management with high quality board representation and strategic input.


The portfolio will be managed by specialized teams according to the asset class, which includes local impact investments, government holdings, global asset management, and strategic investments.


The new approach will focus on local impact investments and continue to explore international opportunities through the global asset management team and partnerships through the strategic investments team.


Mumtalakat’s portfolio includes over 50 companies with majority stakes in strategic Bahraini companies that account for 18% of the Kingdom’s GDP and support more than 12,000 jobs in Bahrain.


It has also contributed BD100 million to the national budget from 2017 to 2021 year end.  The new approach will enable Mumtalakat to continue to support the economic growth of the Kingdom through its local portfolio companies and explore new investment opportunities that are aligned with the economic requirements of the Kingdom and in partnership with Team Bahrain in new sectors such as food security, fintech, healthtech, vaccine manufacturing and more.


"The new approach will enable us to work closely with our portfolio companies as strategic partners to actively support their growth and development at a board level and beyond," Mumtalakat CEO Khalid Al Rumaihi.


"We are committed to investing in and for the Kingdom of Bahrain to grow and transform industries in the country by enhancing portfolio value through active ownership and by attracting new investments that generate sustainable financial returns and continue to be an active contributor to the economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain."


Mumtalakat’s portfolio consists of over 50 companies including some of the Kingdom’s leading companies such as Gulf Air, Alba, Batelco and National Bank of Bahrain.


In addition, the fund includes direct international investments and co-investments managed by leading international funds.




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