France announces 15,000 new hospital jobs in post-Covid healthcare revamp

France’s government has outlined measures to train and hire care providers, expand the number of beds and change decision-making procedures as it wrapped up a vast consultation on improving a health system fatigued by the coronavirus epidemic.


Announcements concerning jobs, training, beds, finance and administration concluded a nearly two-month consultation with healthcare providers and unions known as the “Ségur de la Santé”, in reference to the street in Paris on which the health ministry is located. 

“Beyond increasing salaries, the #SégurDeLaSanté also considered how to improve the everyday life of care providers. That will come through 15,000 new hirings for hospitals,” tweeted Health Minister Olivier Véran.

Measures to boost hospital staff included increasing the positions in nursing schools by 10 percent, which corresponds to 2,000 additional nursing jobs, as well as doubling the number of nursing assistants over five years. 

Véran also announced 4,000 mobile beds to be deployed according to needs during peak periods of flu infections, as well as measured to decentralise decision-making and invest in hospitals. 

The measures were to be funded through a 6-billion-euros pledge of the government last week, which itself built upon the state taking charge of 13 billion euros’ worth of health establishments debt to ease finances.

The government announced 8.2 billion euros last week to raise salaries and create new positions. 




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