Drop in cases but danger remains

PEOPLE’S commitment to precautionary measures has resulted in a drop in coronavirus (Covid-19) infection rates in Bahrain, it has emerged.

However, a review of the cases since the start of the pandemic shows a hike in the number due to reckless non-compliance with guidelines, said Health Ministry Under-Secretary Dr Walid Al Manea.

He pointed out that monthly cases surged from 126 in March to 5,715 last month, with sharp increases seen during Eid Al Fitr and Ashoora.

“There were 126 cases in March, which increased to 3,356 in May and 5,272 in June, to coincide with Eid Al Fitr, reflecting non-compliance with precautionary measures,” said Dr Al Manea.

“The number fell to 4,106 in July and 3,109 in August.

“But, again, due to negligence of the preventive measures and guidelines issued, especially post-Ashoora, the cases surged in September to 5,715.”

The official warned of strict legal action against violators of public health guidelines, underlining that peoples’ lives were top priority.

Dr Al Manea was addressing a Press conference yesterday of the National Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus which was streamed live on the Health Ministry’s YouTube channel.

Present were taskforce monitoring committee head Lieutenant Colonel Dr Manaf Al Qahtani and taskforce member and Salmaniya Medical Complex Infectious and Internal Diseases consultant Dr Jameela Al Salman.

“We have completed two weeks of #Commit4Bahrain campaign and the number of infections has relatively decreased, which shows the commitment was adhered to,” said Dr Al Manea.

Daily new cases which averaged around 600 late last month, dropped to between 500 and 360 since the beginning of this month.

A total of 510 cases were recorded on October 1, which dropped to 429 on October 2, 507 on October 3, 352 on October 4, 454 on Monday and 360 yesterday.

“We urge everyone to continue this until October 14 as this is important to bring down the infections.

“Social distancing is important alongside all other precautionary measures.

“It is important to stay away from gatherings on various occasions to limit the spread of the virus, in addition to continuing to adhere to wearing masks outside the home at all times, and not to go out unless necessary.”

Dr Al Qahtani urged people not to hold any events at homes until October 14 and to avoid family gatherings, while sticking to the perimetre of “one small family only”.

“The health and safety of everyone should be top priority for everyone,” he said.

“We are talking about one society in which we live side by side, and the commitment of one individual to protect an entire family.

“By protecting a family we protect the whole social environment, and thus Bahrain.”

Dr Al Salman reiterated the need to follow “all the instructions issued by the national medical team or the relevant authorities” for the sake of preserving the health and safety of everyone.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/874042/Drop-in-cases-but-danger-remains


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