Bapco board discusses succession planning

MANAMA: Bapco is developing an executive and management succession plan to meet the challenges of ‘Bapco of the future’.

Dr Dawood Nassif, chairman and chief executive of the refiner, met the board of directors to review the plan. The board has instructed Bapco management to develop this critical strategic plan as part of its broader directive to ensure that the company has the leadership it requires for the future.

Dr Nassif, in his address to Bapco employees last month in which he laid out the strategies for ‘Bapco of the future’, stressed that the future requires investment in employee development at all levels.

Through the succession planning process, management brings together individual assessments, performance ratings and the development of competencies through the technical career ladder to identify current and future leaders.

The presentation to the board was preceded by a robust review process at the senior management level in which key positions were identified and incumbents and candidates were reviewed.

Emergency replacements were designated for critical positions to ensure continuity of leadership in the event of an unforeseen vacancy occurring.

Candidates were reviewed from a cross-functional perspective to ensure that talent was not overlooked, and future development actions were discussed.

High potential talent from recent entrants to the workforce were also identified to ensure that they receive customised individual development plans designed to give them a well-rounded early career foundation to prepare them for future growth.

The board has congratulated Bapco management on the quality and reach of the succession planning process.




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