Bahrain part of study to assess Covid-19 impact on businesses

MANAMA: Dr Abdulhasan Al Dairi, president of the Bahrain Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Society and general co-ordinator of the United International SMEs Organisations (Unismo) has been selected to take part in a survey organised by the London Business School (LBS) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The study aims to assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and lessons learned to support the entrepreneurship sector, SMEs, and economies in general, especially in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.

The project would involve measuring the success of plans and policies adopted in Mena countries during the pandemic to support entrepreneurs and SMEs.

The study is divided into several chapters, the first of which deals with the ease of access to funding for starting a small enterprise, as well for its continuity and expansion in future and the impact of the pandemic.

The second chapter deals with the challenges faced by the SMEs sector in pursuing digitisation initiatives, before and after the pandemic.

The third chapter discusses the policies adopted for promoting entrepreneurship and their impact on SME development, before or after the pandemic, in addition to the impact of the pandemic on that, positively or negatively.

Dr Al Dairi said it was a great honour for the kingdom to be included in the study.




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