Bahrain moves to 'Yellow Alert' level in Covid precaution

Bahrain's National Medical Taskforce for Combatting the Coronavirus (Covid - 19), today announced the precautionary adoption of the Yellow Alert level starting from December 19 to January 31.


The taskforce highlighted that this step is precautionary. The new Omicron variant has not spread in Bahrain, but the decision has been taken in line with the Kingdom's approach of prioritising public health through proactive planning and in accordance with international best practice, said a Bahrain News Agency report.


The taskforce noted that this decision remains subject to review, and upon further information becoming available on the Omicron variant, from internationally recognised medical research.


The taskforce stressed the need for everyone to adhere to the Yellow Alert Level procedures previously announced, making clear the importance of continuing to adhere to all precautionary measures, issued by the relevant authorities, to preserve public health.


The taskforce urged qualifying individuals to attend directly at health centres for their booster shots, without the need to make an appointment.


It noted the importance of receiving booster shots on time, to support national efforts and protect the health of citizens and residents.


The taskforce added that eligible individuals who have already received their booster shot can follow the procedures of the Green Alert Level, an approach being taken by other countries.


Under the Yellow Level, the following activities are for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals:

*Option to attend education and training institutes;

* Holding of private events at home with no more than 30 people;

* Retail shops

* Entering standalone government centres.

The following activities are limited to vaccinated green shield holders; those recovered from Covid-19 and children under the age of 12 years accompanied by a vaccinated person:

* Shopping malls

* Restaurants and cafes indoor services

* Indoor gyms and sport halls and swimming pool entry

* Cinemas (50% of the facilities capacity)

* Barber shops, salons and spas

* Playgrounds and entertainment centres (50% capacity)

* Events and conferences (50% capacity)

* Attendance at sporting events (50% capacity)

Most essentials sectors will remain open for all.





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